Why does MedCompared exist?

Health plays an important role in our lives and for this reason, we believe that searching for the best healthcare service and treatment should be an easy and transparent process to everyone.

Choosing between different healthcare providers, doctors and treatments can be confusing, especially when you are not fully aware of the different services available, what they include and what the different treatment prices are. That’s why MedCompared exists! Our goal is to make this process an easy one, so you can have your treatment in a fast and simple way.

MedCompared allows users to compare treatment prices in a few clicks for multiple online pharmacies and for over 30 medicines. With MedCompared you can easily find the lowest price for your treatment and what is the healthcare provider that better suits you and your lifestyle. Simply enter the name of your medication or the active ingredient in our search bar, and let our health search engine compare medicine prices for you. You can then refine your search results filtering by price, delivery time and more. Alternatively, you can search for the health condition you want to treat or check all the medicines available in our comparison tool in the menu right next to the search bar. Once again, choose whichever search method suits you the best.

How does it work?

MedCompared is a health search engine that gathers information from the different health providers available, which makes it an extensive price comparison tool to a number of treatments. We do not come up with any prices, since the prices shown by us come from several clinics and pharmacies websites that have this information available. MedCompared users can choose where to buy their medications from the provider’s list we have available and complete the ordering process on the pharmacy websites (which are linked from our website).

This process is quite simple. By clicking on the specific offer, you will be forwarded to the pharmacy website of your choice and there, you can complete an online doctor consultation and proceed with your purchase. The price you will pay will be the same you found on your MedCompared’s search. However, all the purchasing process is made on the health provider website. Our comparison process ends the moment you choose to buy from the selected healthcare provider.