Metformin is a treatment for type 2 diabetes available in two strengths-500mg and 850mg. It contains the active ingredient with the same name and helps to reduce blood sugar levels. Besides this, it also lowers LDL cholesterol, also known as 'bad cholesterol'.

The lowest Metformin UK price is £24.90 and the most expensive is £59.69. Please select your treatment form, dosage, quantity and compare all Metformin prices in the table below:

Compare Metformin prices

Clinic Rating Shipping Time Shipping Price Consultation Fee Treatment Price Total Price from *
Lloyds Pharmacy Online Doctor
24 hours £4.95 Free £19.95
Lloyds Pharmacy Online Doctor
24 hours £4.95 Free £26.99
Tower Health
48 hours £5.95 Free £27.58
72 hours Free Free £40.26
72 hours Free Free £49.45
72 hours Free Free £57.68
72 hours Free Free £59.69

(*) - Note: You will always need to do an online doctor consulation before buying Metformin to make sure if the selected treatment is suitable for you. Metformin prices are publicly listed by online clinics and may change.

Total price includes: shipping, consultation and Metformin cost. If you find any wrong price, feel free to contact us.

Metformin Side Effects

Abdominal pain
Very Common
Decreased appetite
Very Common
Very Common
Feeling or being sick
Very Common
Very Common
Very Common
Sense of taste changes
Abnormal liver function tests
Very Rare
Very Rare
Very Rare
Losing weight
Very Rare
Low vitamins B12 levels in blood
Very Rare
Very Rare
Yellowing of the skin and whites of the eyes
Very Rare

Like all medicines, Metformin can cause side effects, however only a small number of people will experience them. Contact your doctor or pharmacist if you notice any unwanted effect, especially if they are severe or persistent and stop taking Metformin.

Very Common (1 in 10 people or more)
Common (1 in 10 people or less)
Uncommon (1 in 100 people or less)
Rare (1 in 1000 people or less)
Very Rare (1 in 10000 people or less)


from £24.90


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