Bacterial vaginosis is a common type of vaginal infection caused by the bacteria Gardnerella vaginalis. This bacteria affects the normal vaginal balance and can be triggered by sexual activity. Although half of women don't show any symptoms, the condition can be treated with antibiotics to prevent further complications.

The cheapest Bacterial Vaginosis treatment price is £28.98 and the most expensive is £94.08, find the lowest treatment prices in the table below.

Top treatments for Bacterial Vaginosis

Medication Ingredient Manufacturer Form Dosage Quantity Price from
Metronidazole Generic Tablets 400mg 14


  • Pain during urination or sex
  • Thin, grey, white or green vaginal discharge
  • Vaginal itching
  • Vaginal odor


  • Having multiple or new sexual partners
  • Having sex
  • Recent antibiotic use
  • Smoking
  • Using IUD (contraception device)
  • Vaginal deodorants
  • Vaginal douching


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