Trichomonas vaginalis is the name of the parasite responsible for the infection trichomoniasis. This sexual infection can affect both men and women and it can be passed trough-unprotected sexual intercourse, although in the majority of the cases it doesn't show any symptoms. The condition can be treated with antibiotics.

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Top treatments for Trichomonas Vaginalis

Medication Ingredient Manufacturer Form Dosage Quantity Price from
Metronidazole Generic Tablets 400mg 14
Metronidazole Abbott Tablets 400mg 14


  • Frequent urination
  • Grey, white, yellow or green vaginal or penis discharge
  • Pain during urination or sex
  • Vaginal itching, burning and redness
  • Vaginal odor


  • Sexually active
  • Sharing sex toys without being properly washed
  • Unprotected sex

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