Contraception is available in a variety of forms. Types of contraception include both barrier methods, like condoms, and hormonal contraception, like the birth control pill, vaginal ring, mini-pill and the contraceptive patch. These types are all effective at preventing pregnancy as long as they are administered as instructed.

The cheapest Contraception treatment price is £13.50 and the most expensive is £135.39, find the lowest treatment prices in the table below.

Top treatments for Contraception

Medication Ingredient Manufacturer Form Dosage Quantity Price from
Microgynon 30
Ethinylestradiol/Levonorgestrel Bayer Tablets 1.5mg/0.03mg 63
Ethinylestradiol/Norgestimate Janssen Tablets 0.25mg/0.035mg 63
Ethinylestradiol/Gestodene Bayer Tablets 0.02mg/0.075mg 63
Desogestrel Organon Tablets 0.075mg 84
Ethinylestradiol/Cyproterone Acetate Bayer Tablets 2mg/0.035mg 63
Ethinylestradiol/Drospire Bayer Tablets 0.03mg/3mg 63
Ethinylestradiol/Norelgestromin Janssen Patch 6mg/0.6mg 9
Ethinylestradiol/Etonogestrel Organon Rings 0.12mg/0.015mg 3



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